Scanner Force

Scanner Force 2.2

Scanner Force allows you to listen live to police, fire, ems, and more
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Scanner Force

Scanner Force brings the voices of the world to your desktop. As soon as you are ready, you will be connected with the audio of first responders (Police, Fire, EMS, etc..) and even given the option to record it for later! You can pick from local broadcasts in your community or listen to top agencies such as LAPD, Chicago Police, and New York Police.

Main Features :
- Listen to online streams provided by
- Select local feeds or feeds around the globe.
- List of active feeds from the dashboard and taskbar icon.
- Buttons for stopping and playing feeds.
- Record audio for later playback or use in another program.
- Volume and balance control per feed.
- Color indicator to show when something is coming across a feed.
- Auto mute function to mute the feed and eliminate background noise.
- Squelch control to set the level to un-mute and show the color indicator.
- Delay control to add a delay after a squelch is no longer broken.

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